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Доробка функціоналу сайту

The functionality of the site is its software, which is developed in the form of modules, plugins, components. Over time, it becomes old, breaks and needs to be replaced. Improving usability also requires new functionality. After all, web technologies do not stand still, but are intensively developing. In order not to be left behind your competitors, you need to finalize the site according to modern trends in web marketing. In other words, it is necessary to install modern, effective software on the site, which will improve the interaction between your resource and its visitor.

A list of our services for modifying and adding soft of the website includes works on finalizing and updating the functionality. They are necessary to improve the website and facilitate its further promotion, attraction of new users. Improvement functional features process of the website includes connecting or disconnecting modules, finalizing sliders, scrolls, and other interactive elements, creating and configuring product filters, creating additional language versions.

Website software can be of varying complexity. Most often, it must be developed together with the visual part, that is, together with the interface design. The software update is carried out in the vast majority after the website CMS is updated. Only if the site is very old, but you still want to add certain functionality there, the programmer decides at his discretion whether it is worth updating the site. After all, updating an old site can entail a number of big problems, the solution of which will require a lot of time and money. Also, updating the management system may not be possible if the current template is customized.


Work stages:

icon-checkbox Business analysis.
  We collect and analyze all project requirements. We compile a list of issues with your old website and a work plan.
icon-checkbox Software selection
  After the analysis, we try to find ready-made suitable solutions for your project and decide whether it is possible to update the site.
  If there are no ready-made solutions or they do not meet the requirements of the project, we task the programmer with developing the appropriate functionality.
icon-checkbox Preparation.
  We calculate the cost of the work and receive a 50% advance payment. We install a copy of the site on the test server.
icon-checkbox Implementation.
  Let's start the work. If necessary, we update the CMS, develop, install and configure new software.
icon-checkbox Testing.
  The new functionality must pass a number of tests. After testing, we make changes to the final product if necessary.
icon-checkbox Delivery of work.
  After accepting the completed works and signing the acts, we transfer the result to the customer's website. We receive the remaining payment.


Additional conditions

ADVANCE PAYMENT - 50% of the cost of the work.

EXECUTION TIME - from 5 working days.

Order a modifying and adding website soft in our web studio Viktoriya Studio at a reasonable price. We guarantee quality and responsible attitude to work. Send an online request to get started.