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переклад сайту на інші мови

The website of any company must be translated into the languages of all countries where the company's goods or services are sold. In simple words, you need to create language versions of your web pages and a language switcher in the site header. An increase in the number of language versions will lead to an increase in visits, but will increase sales only if the company is ready to work with customers from these countries: the support service, the sales department communicate in these languages, there are branches. It mostly makes no sense to carry out a translation "on reserve".

Also, according to the Law of Ukraine "On Ensuring the Functioning of the Ukrainian Language as the State", if you want to legally conduct business in Ukraine, the website must have Ukrainian localization. Moreover, the law provides both requirements for the volume of information on the pages of the Ukrainian version of the site in relation to versions in other languages, as well as some technical display conditions - the Ukrainian version of the site must be opened by default. This adds a lot of complexity to SEO, but the problem is solved. If your site had a different language by default and gained a lot of links to it, you need to transfer this language version from the root of the site to another directory and put a redirect on it. Viktoriya Studio specialists will help you with this. So, if you need to translate the site into Ukrainian and make it available in several languages, contact us.

The price of website translation from $15


How will multilingualism of the site be implemented? There are two translation options:

1. Automatic replacement of content

We install the plug-in for automatic translation into other languages. This is the easiest and cheapest way to make your site multilingual. The cost of works does not depend on the number of languages. The disadvantage may be errors in the texts, because the translation is done with the help of artificial intelligence. But we would like to note that it is not possible to install such a plugin on every site.

2. Manual website translation

We develop the site structure and site interface in each language separately. Works are performed manually by a specialist. The scope of work includes the translation of menu functionality, site navigation, categories, materials, and meta-data. We translate not only the "bone" of the site - its structure - but also communication: dialog boxes, function buttons, search settings and forms.


How to order website translation into other languages

One of the first questions you are likely to encounter is whether to choose machine or manual translation.
  • Machine translation is easy and fast—so fast that it can translate an entire website in a millisecond. No human could ever keep up with this pace. Unlike human translation, machine translation runs on AI tools like Google Translate and Microsoft Translator. Plus, this tech uses neural machine translation (NMT) to get smarter over time.

    Although machine translation is incredibly quick and easy, it has some serious downsides. The largest drawback is poor accuracy. AI can’t understand context, slang, or subtle regional differences in language. Formatting and grammar errors are also common in machine translation. Machines won’t replace humans anytime soon, but AI can still be a handy tool for some contexts. If your site is suitable for automatic translation, we will take over the technical side and make all the necessary settings.

  • Manual translation is translation performed by a skilled human being. Most global brands use LSPs (language service providers) or translation agencies to find professional translators. With translation costs starting at a few cents per word, this method can be an investment. But manual translation has a few important advantages over machine translation. Professional translators understand context and cultural nuance better than a computer ever could. Unlike machines, translators proofread their content for excellent accuracy, grammar, and readability. When you need to build trust in your brand, human translation is a must-have.

To order a site translation, you need to know which CMS your site is built on and what type of translation you need. When ordering a multilingual site in Victoriya Studio, it is necessary to provide an already completed translation of all texts in the desired languages, including the names of menu items, sections, and categories. We can do the translation from Russian to Ukrainian and vice versa, it is not necessary to provide the translated texts. Our main goal is to create a technical possibility for your site to function in different languages.

Order website translation in our web studio Viktoriya Studio at a favorable price - to start, send an online request.