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It takes less than a second for users to decide whether they like your website or not. 88% of your website visitors won’t come back after having a poor experience with your website.

What is website redesign?

Site redesign is a way to update the design of the site, its structure and visual display. A website redesign can take a long time to implement it and achieve the desired results. Still, it is an essential process to return interest of your ideal audience. Some reasons why you might want to redesign your website for reparation could be outdated content or interface, not enough responsive design of website pages or elements, and most importantly, the website being too slow. Ordering a website redesign is necessary if your site is still in good condition, but a certain amount of time has passed and it needs changes. Modern technologies do not stand still, therefore, over time, it is desirable to change the outdated design on the site and add new modern functionality. Also, website redesign is necessary when the company has rebranded.

Price from $100


Included in the price:

icon-checkbox Business analysis.
  We gather and analyze all the project requirements. We make a list of problems with your old website and a work plan.
icon-checkbox Drafting prototype.
  After the interested parties review the prototypes of the new website redesign, we solve additional problems and moments to finalize the template and starting the project.
icon-checkbox Develop and implement.
  We develop a new design and connect it to the website template. We finalize the template, if provided by the project, install new functionality.
icon-checkbox Testing.
  A finished redesign needs to go through a set of testing. After testing and probably altering the end product a little, it is finally time for launch.


Additional conditions

ADVANCE PAYMENT - 50% of the cost of the work.

EXECUTION TIME - from 20 working days.

Order a website template redesign and modification in our web studio Viktoriya Studio at a reasonable price. We guarantee quality and responsible attitude to work. To get started and know about the project, send an online request.

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