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self-written CMS

Everyone knows about the advantages of popular engines. But you are looking for something unique, and suddenly you are offered to make a site on a self-written CMS. A web studio that offers to create a site on a "self-developed" CMS assures that it is better, prettier, and works faster.

Carefully weigh all the pros and cons so as not to make an irreparable mistake and throw your money away. Self-written CMS is a protest and a demonstration of the ambitions of novice programmers. We mean CMSs that are created and used by an individual web studio as their own development and know-how. It is profitable for the company that develops and promotes their engine to sell it to you. The secret is that they bind you to themselves in this way. Why is this bad?

There are a number of reasons for this:

1. Development is expensive and takes a lot of time.
CMS development from scratch requires a fairly high budget, as this work is very painstaking and difficult. If a unique CMS is offered to you ready-made, its price is usually included in the cost of the entire project (but this does not always happen). For customers who have a large budget, this is unlikely to be a disadvantage. But if we consider the majority, not everyone is ready to pay for the site an amount in dollars, including four zeros.

2. Depending on the developers.
In case of any problems with the site, you can only contact them. Outside programmers are unlikely to help you, since they work mainly with popular CMS (WordPress, Joomla, OpenCart, etc.). And this means that you will again have to contact the place where you ordered the site. But what if the company closed or the programmers disappeared?

3. Low level of security.
WordPress and Joomla also have vulnerabilities, but counting the number of sites that use it, and there are tens or hundreds of millions, all vulnerabilities are quickly discovered, discussed on forums and fixed by developers. And even its creator does not know what "skeletons are in the closet" of a self-written CMS, because it is unlikely that anyone has tested this CMS for all vulnerabilities.

4. Low prevalence of the system.
When a webmaster has a question about WordPress or Joomla, it is enough for him to write a query in the search engine, and it will return thousands of articles, options and forum posts. But it will not be possible to solve the issue of self-written CMS in this way, because it is a completely new product. Inevitable layout errors, non-working modules and a complete lack of understanding of how to solve this or that issue without the help of a developer.

5. Architecture and code quality.
CMS should have a normal structure, competent architecture and clean code. For small and non-critical projects, it is economically impractical to spend a long time designing the architecture and writing the correct code. In such projects, it is easier to quickly write something simple. And that's when such a project suddenly needs to be developed, and the situation arises "a small change requires a big refactoring" - reworking of the system's core code. It would take a skilled developer years to write a CMS that is close to Joomla in quality. Of course, not all self-written CMS are of poor quality, but according to statistics, the majority are. It is not for nothing that the company Positive Technologies offers such engines a categorical summary "self-writing CMSs resemble an old sieve and weave in the tail..."

6. Lack of documentation and user support.
Only its developer knows how to manage a site on a self-written CMS. You can find enough information about the popular CMS on the Internet, and if it is not clear, ask questions on special forums dedicated to website development.

7. Not optimized for SEO.
Very often developers do not take into account the fact that the site will be promoted in search engines. Therefore, in self-written CMS, the editor for placing content may be incorrectly configured, and it is not known whether it is possible to change meta tags manually or configure them by mask. Also, due to the large amount of code, the site can weigh unacceptably much, which also negatively affects search promotion. Some companies that specialize only in development do not take into account such nuances, although they are important for business.

So, our recommendation: do not use self-written CMS. Order website development on a popular CMS in our web studio Viktoriya Studio at a favorable price. Download and fill out the BRIEF or send an online request to get started.