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Which CMS to choose for the website

A CMS is a website content management system. To be more precise, CMS is the software code on which the website is written. Content in a CMS is typically stored in a database and displayed dynamically, loading to one degree or another in accordance with the user's actions. Creating a website usually requires not only some creativity but also some technical knowledge. And the customer is always concerned about how easily he can create, edit, publish and manage web content (including text, images, video and audio). Indeed, different control systems have different interfaces, and it is sometimes not easy to understand what and where to click. Our specialists will always help you with this. We only work with customer-friendly engines. After developing the site, we provide our clients with clear instructions on how to navigate the admin panel, create and edit materials.

There are no good or bad content management systems

The quality and stability of your site is not directly related to the type of CMS, but to the level of professionalism of the webmaster, who must be able to correctly install and configure the platform.

You’ve likely heard of the most popular CMS — WordPress proudly claims over 60% of the CMS market. WordPress’ popularity is well-deserved. Even companies like Disney, Sony, and Rolling Stone use this platform to power their websites. Joomla offer a more labor-intensive experience, which provides more customization potential but often requires a higher degree of technical knowledge. This is the main CMS that Viktoriya Studio works with. Squarespace and Wix have a very beginner-friendly approach to design and content management but are limited in flexibility and customization options.

If you’re looking to build an e-commerce website, both Magento, Shopify and OpenCart cater to online business’ needs. Magento is an Adobe paid product with sophisticated e-commerce options, while Shopify is a solid all-purpose alternative that can be upscaled easily. OpenCart - a completely free and open source CMS. For OpenCart, you can find a sufficient number of free themes / templates and add-ons. You can also order an online store on WordPress, with the WooCommerce plugin. And CMS Joomla for online sales offers several components, each of which deserves attention.

Which CMS is more secure?

Each content management system has its advantages and disadvantages, and failures and malfunctions in its work are mainly related to the stuffing that was installed on it. Because if several dozens of different modules, plug-ins and components are installed on CMS, a software conflict is possible, from which no site in the world is immune. But the cause of these failures can be not only the "clogging" of the site with unnecessary software, but also malicious code that enters the site together with viruses. Therefore, before ordering website development, ask the webmaster whether your website will be well protected against viruses and hacking.

Our sites are powered by CMS Joomla, Wordpress, OpenCart, etc. These are open source systems. This means that any specialist can change and modify these engines, develop new modules and components. Therefore, you don’t have to worry if the connection with the site developer disappears, you can easily find another specialist.

cms1What about hackers? If the CMS is open to an attacker, he can examine this system to find vulnerabilities and run malicious scripts. Of course, it may be, but that such systems are more vulnerable is a myth. We have met many sites that have been working correctly on Joomla and Wordpress for over 10 years. And this is in view of their huge popularity on the Internet. And also met broken sites on a commercial license.

Research conducted by Positive Technologies showed that half of broken web applications are running free CMS. This means that the other half are commercial CMS, with a paid license. To quote the aforementioned company: "CMS of their own design resemble an old sieve and trail behind. But what about commercial and open-source? Considering the most common and dangerous vulnerabilities, we conclude that the differences are not so great. Each group leads in its own set of vulnerabilities ."

To prevent malicious code from entering your site, Viktoriya Studio install an antivirus, firewall and special protecting plug-ins. According to our statistics, the admin panel is mostly hacked. Also popular are hacking methods such as uploading files with multiple extensions. In third place, we highlight database hacking through sql-injection.

In most cases, an attacker gains access to a site abandoned to its fate, without protection and technical support. Therefore, for your peace of mind, use our services to install antivirus and firewall. Also, when ordering website development, always order technical support.

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