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website security and hacking protection

You might think that your site would be a no-brainer to hack, but websites are constantly at risk of being hacked. Most website hacks aren't meant to steal your data or crash your site. They aim to use your server to send spam or temporarily use your web server to store files, usually of illegal content. Hacking is constantly done by automated scripts written specifically to comb the internet and try to hack sites that have known software holes.

It may seem obvious, but regularly updating your software is important to keeping your site secure. This applies to both the server operating system and any software used on your site, such as CMS core, components, modules, plugins. When holes are discovered in software security, hackers are quick to try to exploit them.

Unfortunately, most CMS only provide basic protection tools. Updates and built-in security systems are not enough to ensure your site is well protected against hacking. Even if you use a complex password to enter the administrative part of the site and an SSL certificate - these are only basic security measures. Some alternative or additional security components must be installed for the site.

Price of your website security from $50


Included in the price:

icon-checkbox Checking the site for vulnerabilities, updating the site.
  Updating the site management system, components, modules and plugins. Testing after update.
icon-checkbox Installation of software to protect the site from various types of attacks.
  Installation and configuration of anti-virus software, firewall and other components for site protection on the site.
Configuring the blocking of IP addresses from which attacks were made. Setting up email notification of hacking attempts.
icon-checkbox Security testing of installed software.


Additional conditions

ADVANCE PAYMENT - 100% of the cost of the work.

EXECUTION TIME - from 5 working days.

Even if you run a small business and think you may not have the budget to secure your website, here are a few reasons why tech safety for your website is so essential for your business’s operations.

№1 Protect your customers

One of the top digital safety tips for businesses is to protect your customer’s information first. Today, most people bying on websites for the various products and services they use on a daily basis. Customers may provide you with their names, credit card information, dates of birth and even their full social security numbers. This represents a goldmine for hackers who may want to steal this sensitive information. Do not give criminals this opportunity. Protect their information, encrypt it before it is sent anywhere, use special programs to defend it on the site.

№2 Protect your hardware

Securing your website is also a matter of protecting your physical equipment as well. This is because not only can hackers steal your customer’s information but they can install viruses on your website that could impact your computer. You recognize the investment that it takes to secure expensive equipment for running your business? Now imagine the high costs of works to remove the viruses from your machines or even worse having to replace them altogether because the damage is irreversible.

№3 Prevents loss of sales

A hack can also lead to massive amounts of downtime. This translates into sales that you could be missing out on. Any business owner understands the importance of continuous sales to ensure the viability of your business. In short, unprotected websites threaten not only the security of the company, but its very existence since loss of too many sales could result in the business having to close its doors for good.

So, while cyber criminals always pose a threat to businesses you can decrease the odds of this happening to you by putting security measures on your website. Online security for your website is important. Lessen your vulnerabilities by contacting Viktoriya Studio to protect your company today.