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ordering website development

Website development is one of the most popular services on the Internet, because today the website is the main driving force of business. Everything begins with the creation of a website: your image, your business, your future. The extremely high level of employment of a modern person does not leave him time to search for the necessary goods and services during the working day. Creating a website will make your business on the Internet available in all corners of the world 24 hours a day: without lunch, weekends and holidays. If you are still thinking about ordering a website or not, consider how much easier and more profitable an online business is than maintaining a regular store.

Costs for online trade do not require additional financial investments for rent and maintenance of the premises, and much fewer specialists are needed to manage the online resource.

If you want to order an inexpensive site development, or a new design, modernization, reconstruction of your old site, refinement of a template, development of a new one — download and fill BRIEF or to start submit an online request.


Necessary expenses on the Internet:

  • Domain — from $6 per year depending on the chosen domain name;
  • Hosting — from $3 per month depending on the tariff plan and hosting provider you choose;
  • Website development — from $100. The cost of creating a website depends on its complexity, platform and business topic;
  • Site technical support — from $10 per month. This service is optional, but recommended, because a site without supervision is like an office without security :)
  • Website promotion — from $250 per month, we calculate individually for each site.

And how much does it cost to open and maintain a regular offline store? Several times more. As you can see, having a business online is much more profitable than offline. The starting prices are listed above. A good website doesn't have to be expensive. If you are just starting your business and do not have enough profit to develop a full-fledged website, we can develop for you a small landing page. But still, we recommend ordering the creation of a fully functional website on CMS. Such a site will cost from $250, but it will be a full-fledged business site that can be further expanded and developed. The cost of creating a site is affected by the complexity of the site template, design development for your corporate style and creation of functionality. Each site developed in our studio will be made at a professional level using the latest technologies and trends in web design.

Why you should choose us?

  1. Low cost and high quality of works. You do not pay for the maintenance of our office and inflated staff, as in some companies, you only pay the developer and designer for the work done — creating the site!
  2. A personal developer, you will be able to communicate with a specialist directly, without a manager. The developer will be busy only with your project, creating only your site.
  3. Individual approach. You draw — we will make. You say — we will implement everything that is technically possible.
  4. The possibility of registration of works on the creation of a website both under an official contract and without it, at your choice.
  5. Your site will only be handled by professionals with 10+ years of experience, not students, amateurs, or even interns.

Order website development by a reasonable price - download and fill out the BRIEF or send an online request to get started.

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