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Does the site need a forum?

A forum is a platform on the Internet designed for user communication. The forum is another way to promote the site in search results due to the regular appearance of new unique content. In fact, it is a tool for creating informational support for products or services, a kind of poorly organized knowledge base of a detailed description of products or services, interactive interaction with the end user in the form of surveys, votes and discussions to obtain information for its further commercial development.

The forum is suitable for e-commerce wesites, representative offices of various companies and organizations. The forum will be useful if you sell on your sites, sell "complex" goods that require discussions. It is one of the most powerful and democratic tools for creating customer-firm, client-organization feedback.

The forum is an excellent means of conducting technical support. When using it in this role, it stores a huge number of answers to various questions, solutions to various problems. For a large, entertainment portal, it serves to keep regular visitors to the site.

Most often, forums are united by one common, narrowly focused topic: from children's clothing to real estate, furniture, tourist services, cars, etc. On the forums, you can often find answers to complex questions and solutions to individual problems that almost no one has encountered before. At the beginning of the development of the Internet, they played an important role, because social networks had not yet been invented, and it was necessary to get valuable advice on important issues from somewhere. But even today, forums are very popular, because with their help you can communicate on any, even the most frank topics, hiding behind anonymous nicknames. Although, compared to the last decade, their significance has decreased many times.


Advantages of the forum on the website:

  • The forum opens up excellent advertising opportunities for the owner, direct sale of advertising space on the site;
  • The forum can be used to attract traffic and its possible further resale;
  • Informative content of the site is increasing;
  • Visitors receive feedback;
  • Possibility of collecting e-mail addresses for further distribution.

Disadvantages of the forum on the website:

  • The forum needs daily moderation, it is necessary to appoint one or more permanent moderators who will delete "junk" messages.
  • For a site with little traffic - a forum with two or three messages will cause a negative attitude. The forum becomes in demand only if the site is visited by 100 or more people per day.
  • Your forum can become a forum for your competitors.
  • Any forum is a place to meet and spend time. In order for this place to attract participants and turn them into regular visitors, you need to make it very interesting, really attractive, and this requires time and deep knowledge of the topic.

How exactly does the forum affect the promotion of the site

  1. In posts, topics, messages, you can add key phrases that correspond to user requests, which is difficult to do in a brief description of the product in the card.
  2. Additional pages with useful content will appear, which will be published - the number of impressions will increase.
  3. The mass of links will increase. Forum members will share links to the forum and store pages.
  4. The share of unique content will increase. Active forum members themselves will create posts, write reviews about purchased products.
  5. On the forum, you can describe the useful qualities of products, stimulate users to make purchases, which will lead to increased sales.
  6. The flow of visitors coming from search will increase. Costs for advertising campaigns will decrease.
  7. Communication with forum members will allow you to quickly establish feedback, find out why there are few sales, what you don't like about the store's assortment, how to improve it.

Your own forum is an opportunity to unite your business community and organize technical support. This is especially true of an online hardware store. A great solution would be a platform for buyers where they could discuss purchases, share problems, and give advice. This will motivate your customers to learn more about you and your product. If this is relevant for you, use another great opportunity to attract the necessary audience and promote your site in search engine.