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How much does site promotion cost

There are different ways to promote your site to be seen. This is the creation of a semantic core, internal optimization of the site, link building, article promotion, search promotion in Search Engines Result Page (SERP).

To order website promotion in our web studio Viktiriya Studio in Kyiv, you must first decide what result you want to get. If the task is only to raise the site in search results, or only to increase the number of visitors to the site - then these tasks will be completed.

If the task is to increase sales, then we choose the direction of increasing conversions. This means that the site visitor must not only visit your site, but at least look through several pages, and in the best case, choose a product/service and make a purchase. First of all, increasing conversions is a complex concept that covers various types of promotion of your site, which should lead to the general goal of attracting targeted visitors to the site.

Price from $250 per month


This is how much SEO promotion costs in our Kyiv web studio. This is the approximate price for comprehensive promotion of a small site. In each case, we calculate the cost individually, based on the sum of the cost of each search query you choose, the level of competition and the topic of your site, and the term of the site's existence - the longer the site exists, the lower the cost of its promotion. Also, the price of the works includes a mandatory site audit.

What not to expect from SEO?

Search engines do not sell positions in search results, but their algorithms are constantly updated, improved and rebuilt, adjusting the ranking and changing the way sites are ranked. Therefore, a 100% guarantee of the result of the top is impossible. This is officially confirmed by Google in the Webmaster's Guide: No one can guarantee first place in Google search results. Beware of search engine optimizers who promise high rankings based on "special relationships" with Google and advertise "priority registration" with Google. There is no priority registration with Google. Therefore, we do not guarantee that your site will be ranked first in search engine rankings.


  • work for long-term results, gradual involvement of the target audience;
  • constant work on building links for better returns from search engines;
  • constant analysis of the site, recommendations for improvements to its optimal structure and creation of new SEO-optimized content;
  • tracking new changes in search algorithms and quickly adjusting the promotion strategy.


site promotion costThe most effective is comprehensive site promotion (SEO). Comprehensive site promotion in search, which you can order in our web studio in Kyiv, includes our own promotion algorithms based only on white methods. A comprehensive approach to business promotion is very effective and makes it possible to achieve significant results at reasonable costs. Collectively, this will allow you to take leading positions in search results, which will help your company reach a new level, attract new and retain old customers, as well as increase profits.

Sometimes on the Internet there are offers of a web studio to promote a site without advance payment with payment after the fact. That is, you pay for work when your site is in the TOP-10 for a certain request. We consider it necessary to debunk this myth. Promotion is not free. It is in the first months that the most difficult work on the promotion of the site falls. IIn addition, ordering SEO promotion is the purchase of links, articles, advertising places, connection to well-known analytics systems, which is always paid. Therefore, our web studio Viktoriya Studio in Kyiv asks for 100% advance payment for site promotion in search engines. Those who offer you to up your site to the TOP-10 in a month, and even without prepayment, will definitely use black methods of site promotion that will send your Internet ship to the search bottom.

All SEO work is performed by us manually, WITHOUT THE USE OF SPECIAL AGGREGATORS. This guarantees you an excellent result and eliminates further falling of the site under the sanctions of search engines.

Order website promotion in our web studio Viktoriya Studio at a good price - download and fill out the BRIEF or send an online request to get started. If you have any questions, please contact us, the consultation is free!

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