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Why do you need to update the site?

It is not enough to create a good and interesting site. If it is not periodically replenished with fresh information, it will quietly and slowly begin to die. This is what updating the site is all about. A site is a set of pages that are indexed by search engines. The number and content of your site's pages affects its position in search results. Therefore, at a minimum, the site should be updated approximately 2 times a week.

Add to your site an article or news about the subject of your site. This is important both for promotion in search engines and for visitors who will always need new and interesting information. In addition, the update may be related to new directions in business, new products, promotional offers.

If a visitor likes your site, he has read all the articles on your site, and maybe bookmarked your site and will come back a couple more times in the hope of seeing something new there. But if he came in once, then again, and did not find anything new, then, of course, your site will be removed from the bookmarks. Therefore, if you are not going to make site updates and maintain your site, then you should not create it.

Interesting and unique content

The content that you add to the site should be as unique and high-quality as possible - the kind that is created specifically for your site. That is, it is a copywrite (100% uniqueness of the text) or a rewrite (from 75% to 96% uniqueness of the text, depending on the topic of the article). Otherwise, the search engines will "punish" the site and the rating will decrease, and the search robot will visit your site less and less. The more interesting material you post, the more often the robot will check whether something new has appeared on your site? If the site is large, then the uniqueness of one article does not play a big role. The site's rating is determined by the aggregate quality of all pages posted on it. That is, if you follow the permissible balance of unique and non-unique articles, then nothing terrible will happen.

Search engines are more and more meticulous about the content of the site they index. That is why the correct and high-quality filling of the site with interesting content is becoming more and more important. It is advisable to experiment with forms and formats, and perhaps this will become the highlight that will attract visitors to you and give the favor of search engines. The most important thing is that the quality of the site content and links was at the high level, and then the promotion of your site will be successful in any search engine.

Follow sites with similar topics, your competitors, compare to the best sites on the web, improve yourself and improve your site, and you will be lucky in the form of an ever-increasing number of visitors.

Think about visitors first! And for whom else is your site created?

If you don't have time to update materials on the site, and you can't pay the salary to the content manager, you have the opportunity to order site content updates in our web studio Viktoriya Studio.

Order filling the site with content in our web-studio at a reasonable price - to start, send an online request.