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Contextual ads show text and multimedia ads in search results. This is the most effective way to get to the top of search engines right after creating a site . Contextual advertising brings to your site only a customers, who are interested in your product or service, and the main advantage of such promotion is that you will appear in search results within 24 hours.

The main contextual advertising service is GOOGLE ADS. This service scans the texts of your site and displays text ads that correspond to the theme of the site. All contextual advertising services provide the ability to customize and modify ads as you like. Bye ordering contextual advertising on Google, you pay for your choice: for clicks on ads, for conversions - certain actions of users attracted to the site by advertising.

Contextual advertising is advertising on a topic close to the topic of your site. For example, if you have a site about animals, you can place in the search engine ads for the sale of animals, accessories for their content, the sale of feed, medicines, etc. And accordingly, you will attract target users interested in your products. The principle of keywords is used to determine the relevance of advertising material on the website. By using this principle, contextual advertising combines the interests of the advertiser and the consumer who uses the Internet to search for information about products or services. It is also important what your website or blog is about. With inexpensive topics, there is less competition and it is easier to promote the site and thus increase traffic. The most expensive advertising are insurance, loans, mortgage, attorney, credit, lawyer, donate, degree, etc.



  • We create an advertising campaign at the advertising placement service Google Ads
  • We write correct, effective texts
  • We choose key phrases, for which we will show ads
  • We create a list of negative keywords for the campaign and the ad group
  • If necessary, we adjust the click cost
  • We monitor the effectiveness of key phrases used to show ads and the effectiveness of the ads themselves, if necessary, we make adjustments
  • We track search queries, add irrelevant queries to the list of negative keywords
  • We create and track conversions (depending on campaign strategy)
  • Integrating a campaign with Google Analitics
  • We provide regular reporting on ad impressions, clicks, and costs


The cost of contextual advertising (minimum budget) in Google Ads is calculated individually for each campaign and will depend on the maximum cost of click on your ads, the quality of your ads, and the level of competition with the keyword by which your ad will appear.

The cost of our services:

Ad campaign settings: Depends on the number of ad groups, the number of ads per group you want to create.

Advertising campaign management: Depends on the number of ad groups and the monthly advertising budget.


What do I get?

You get a fully customized advertising company that takes into account all the nuances of your business and its goals. We make all the main and secondary settings, choose the best advertising strategy, connect the most effective key phrases, reject ineffective ones. We make a list of negative words. We connect the advertising campaign to analytics. At the end of each working week, you receive a report on the effectiveness of the campaign.

How much should I invest in advertising?

The cost of 1 ad conversion can be vary widely. It starts at $ 0.01 per click and depends on the competition, the quality of the ad, the quality of the site page (whether it meets the queries on which the ad is displayed) and, of course, the desired placement - the higher place is more expensive. The average cost of a click in Google's highly competitive contextual advertising industry may exceed more then $ 50. Suppose you have invested in advertising budget - $ 600 a month. We divide $ 60 into 30 days and receive $ 20 per day. That mean, that for $ 20 per day at the cost of the transition, for example $ 1, you get 20 visitors, 100% interested in your services or goods. In each case, it all depends on the popularity of the keywords, the type of campaign, and the expected revenue.

The cost to advertising is not set on ad networks, but by advertisers. Our services include creating the most efficient Google company with a minimal budget. The price of contextual advertising can vary depending on the audience you want to attract to your site. Today there are about 30 million Internet users in Ukraine. This is the largest market in the country. And now compare: if you bought a place in the market, mall or rented at the point of sale. How much would it cost you each day? Most likely, much more expensive.

Order Google Advertising by a reasonable price - download and fill out the BRIEF or send an online request to get started.

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