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Catalog Website

Online Catalog is a website of any size, which presents certain goods, services or displays personal works: designs, photos, videos, illustrations, paintings, various samples, etc. The catalog website differs from a standard online store by the absence of a shopping cart and other online shopping options. The elements of the web catalog are primarily intended for familiarization with the assortment. Buying a product or downloading a design/book is a secondary and optional function of such type of the site.

Internet catalogs come in many different formats. It can be a reduced online store, online library, announcement board, portfolio, price lists. These types of sites differ in their structure and technology, but their content is the same. The elements of the catalog can be located in general and thematic categories, subcategories, in alphabetical categories or by any other indicators. The main page of the catalog site highlights key products or content that the visitor will not want to miss. A catalog website can be either very simple technically or very complex, so the cost of creating different catalogs can vary greatly. The Site Catalog package is basically a business project that is ordered for profit. But along with this, there are many catalogs of free literature, templates, designs, recipes, etc. - it all depends on the goal set by the customer. A web-catalog can also be created as part of a combined site. The most famous example of a combined site is a site that combines a product catalog and a blog.

Price from $200


Included in the basic price:

icon-checkbox intuitive content management system (CMS)
icon-checkbox individual design and layout
icon-checkbox partial content filling
icon-checkbox multi-level dropdown site menu, other menus
icon-checkbox site search
icon-checkbox slider on the main page
icon-checkbox individual favicon
icon-checkbox social network buttons
icon-checkbox a catalog component with basic functions
icon-checkbox one website language
icon-checkbox adaptation to mobile devices and tablets
icon-checkbox connecting an analytics system (Google Analytics 4)
icon-checkbox watermarks to protect images
icon-checkbox installation and configuration of the site on hosting
icon-checkbox 1-hrs Website Management Training


Additional conditions

ADVANCE PAYMENT - 50% of the cost of the work.

EXECUTION TIME - from 20 working days.

Payment for domain and hosting is not included in the price of Catalog Website package.

The development of corporate style and logo is not included in the price of the package, it is paid separately if necessary.

Order Catalog Website development by a reasonable price - download and fill out the BRIEF or send an online request to get started.