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Artistic photo editing

A photo is a frozen moment of an important event in your life. But sometimes the photos do not turn out as you would like to see them.

Today, digital photography covers all areas of life. There is not a person who does not have a camera, whether it is a camera in a mobile phone, in a digital "soap dish" or a professional "SLR". But even a high-end camera does not produce perfect photos, they still need to be processed. Viktoriya Studio designers will help you with this. Techniques such as retouching and color correction will liven up your photo, adjust colors, and remove ugly details. And if you want, we will make a designer postcard from your photo or restore old photos.

Most often, retouching is used in photo processing - improving and perfecting the picture. Retouching removes defects on the subject - for example, scars, wrinkles, freckles, red eyes. With retouching, you can completely update the photo: correct the errors of poor lighting of the object, change the shape of the nose, enlarge the lips and make the eyelashes thicker. Write your wishes and we will retouch according to your aesthetic preferences.


What we do

1. Color and tonal correction of the photo

Color correction refers to the calibration of the accuracy of the display of colors on the image. It includes manipulations such as contrast adjustment, color gamut and saturation correction. Adjusts R (red), G (green) and B (blue) color components to change the overall color and visual style of the image.

2. Photo retouch
  • Technical retouching - color correction, red-eye removal, minor restoration (removal of small defects, cracks, scratches, stains), blurring of the background.
  • Artistic retouching (correction of object colors, plastic, replacement of background, color, clipping, removal of unnecessary inscriptions and objects). All client wishes are taken into account.
  • Subject retouching - depending on the tasks set during the shooting of the advertising object.
3. Restoration of old photos

Restoring old photos is a very painstaking and complex job, which involves retouching and color correction at the same time. After all, absolutely everything must be corrected on old photo. It is especially difficult to restore photos with a partially missing image, on which there are large defects, cracks, spots.

The stages of work on the restoration of an old photograph consist of the image correction as a whole, the leveling of large spots, the rubbing of small defects and scratches, and the improvement of individual details. It may also be necessary to correct the geometry of the frame, correct the perspective, and distort the perspective.



What is required from the customer?

Photos should preferably be in RAW format. Only then can you count on an impeccable retouching result. This format gives much more possibilities to improve the picture. Also specify the desired size and format of the images after processing.

If the photo is in a different format, do not despair, our designer will extract it to the maximum. If the photo is of low quality, then you should understand that the worse the quality of the photo, the less opportunities to bring it to the norm.

Next, tell us for what purposes the photo is intended. The purpose of the work is important for image processing - to highlight the significant elements of the image and fade out secondary ones (place accents).

If the image is intended for printing, you must indicate which one. The requirements for letterpress printing and printing on a regular photo printer are very different. Find out all the parameters of photo printing in the organization where you will order printing and let us know. And we guarantee the quality of work!

We carry out a thorough analysis of the image, the result of which suggests a further processing strategy, the choice of the appropriate color space, tools and methods of work. The cost of the work depends on the complexity and volume of the material. For example, the most difficult cases of restoration and photo design cost $20. There is no minimum order! The cost is adjusted in each case separately, after analyzing the photos and evaluating the scope of work.