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order the integration of Google Analytics 4

Not long ago, everyone used Universal Analytics, the interface of which is clear even for a non-specialist. But Google developers decided that it was not productive enough, so they created Google Analytics 4 — a system that is fundamentally different from Universal Analytics. Let's put it this way, this is a completely different program that needs to be studied for more than one month. Its main difference is that tracking is event-oriented and is based on the fact that any user interaction with the site can be considered as an event. That is, the main trigger of Google Analytics 4 is the behavior of the site/app visitor, while the old analytics were built on user sessions. Hence the completely different logic in the menu structure, new indicators and reports. In addition, the developers have added the ability to configure many types of data that were previously unavailable.

In fact, setting up Google Analytics 4 is a complex job that requires, first of all, a detailed study of the site and its marketing goals. Then specific events, variables, configurations, and triggers are created that can lead to those goals. We add to the analytics the audience of users who need to be monitored on the site. At the last stage, on the basis of the created data, we separate the conversions and import them into Google Ads if necessary. In addition to the basic settings and connections, it is necessary to determine the main purpose of the site and take seriously the connection of all conversions that are directly and indirectly related to it. This is a complex task that can become simple for you if you order Google Analytics 4 connection from Viktoriya Studio.

The cost of integration of Google Analytics 4 will pay off in that you will have a clearer picture of what visitors are doing on your site, so you can better customize your sales funnel.

Price from $15


Steps to set up Google Analytics 4:

  • We create and configure an account in Google Analytics and Tag Manager, create a data stream, integrate a new tag to your site pages;
  • We study your site/application to form marketing goals;
  • We create tags, triggers, events;
  • We create audiences, special events, variables.
  • We create conversions, micro-conversions, and, if necessary, upload them to Google Ads.

If you are still hesitating whether you need Google Analytics 4 at all, decide where you're getting your customers from. If the main flow of your visitors comes from Google searches, then this analytics will be the best choice. The old analytics will soon be disabled and you won't know what's happening on your site at all. Selling blindly is the worst marketing move.

Why should you choose us?

  1. Low cost of works and high quality of execution.
  2. You can communicate with the specialist directly, without a manager. The specialist will be busy only with your project.
  3. Detailed study and individual approach to each business.
  4. A professional with 10+ years of experience will work with you, not a student, not an amateur and not even an intern)). He also answers any questions you may have.

Order a Google Analytics 4 integration at a normal price. Contact us — our specialists are ready to work.