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beware black seo

The days when a site's position in search results was determined by the number and quality of incoming links are long gone. Today, no seo specialist, even the most experienced and the most expensive, can guarantee the customer a place in the top. But since "result guarantees" in the promotion of sites have become not just a tradition, but also a standard, customers are still told what they want to hear. Sometimes seo specialist simply do not talk to the client, sometimes they directly deceive, sometimes they honestly tell what, why and how it is done and what the guarantee of getting to the top actually means.

Everyone wants to have a site that would occupy high positions in the ratings. When contacting our web studio with a request to develop a site, clients are often surprised by our refusal to provide a 100% guarantee that their site will occupy the first position in the rating. The sincere surprise is confirmed every time by links to numerous offers to increase the site's ranking to the first place for a very low price.

The following information will allow you to get rid of a number of illusions.

1. There is only one first place in the search, and there are many who want to take it. But under certain conditions, we can guarantee that the site occupies high positions without resorting to dubious methods of site promotion.

2. Each search engine has a unique work algorithm. In the ratings of different search engines, the same site can occupy different positions. Also, the position of the site differs in different geolocations. Looking from Kyiv, you see yourself in the top, while changing your location to Tokyo, you can't find your site at all.

3. There are both legal and questionable ways to promote a site. The latter include, in particular, the use of doors and cloaking.


Doorway (entry page, door way) — site pages specially optimized for a specific search query in a specific search engine. There can be many such pages. A separate page or pages can be developed for each keyword or phrase and for each search engine. The doorway is not part of the main site. The task of the doorway is to redirect their visitors to the main site.

A search engine considers dorveys as search spam if it detects:

  • Automatically generated doorways.
  • A large number of doorways.
  • The content of portals created for popular search queries is different from the main topic of the site.
  • Doorways are organized on well-known free hosting.

Doorways, generally do not fall under the definition of "search spam" in the following cases:

  • When changing the site's domain name, a page redirecting to the new domain remains for some time at the old address. For example, when moving from a third-level domain to a second-level domain.
  • Special thematic portals containing useful information and created for the user (thematic pages on large multi-disciplinary information sites, pages created for specific advertising campaigns, etc.).
  • Unit pages of the site containing information not related to the main topic of the site, but provided that they are intended for visitors.


Cloaking (concealment) — another dubious way of increasing the ranking of the site, when the work of the search engine is shown one page, and the person browsing the site — another. Cloaking is usually not considered the use of methods of recognition by a search engine of certain pages of a site in order to prevent indexing of redundant documents (for example, selections from a database) in cases where this is impossible or difficult by standard server means.

Hiding text that is not intended for search engines is generally not considered search engine spam if:

  • Giving the site visitor different versions of the site page depending on the characteristics of his browser, language, coding, etc.
  • Provide a site visitor with different versions of a web page based on their geographic location, determined based on their IP address.
  • The application of these methods must be thoroughly justified. It is advisable to prohibit such web pages from being indexed by search robots.

Invisible text

Using "invisible text" for the site promotion on the Internet is rightfully considered one of the most serious violations of the rules of search engines. This technology consists in the fact that links to internal pages, as well as key phrases necessary for the promotion of sites in search engines, are located on the main page, matching the color of the background one to one or differing from it by only a few tones. That is, the text is almost invisible to the user, while search engines index it as full text.

The reason for the appearance of this method of site promotion on the Internet was the desire of the owners of the web resource to simultaneously meet the algorithms of search robots and the interests of users. For search engines, it is important that the main page of the Internet resource has content with a high level of uniqueness, based on a certain set of keywords and phrases. Users want to see interesting, informative, literate text.

"Invisible text" allows both to make the resource attractive to users and to ensure effective promotion of the site in search engines. However, this technology began to be often used to attract non-target users to the web resource in order to increase its traffic — that is, the site is promoted based on requests that do not correspond to its topic at all.

Of course, search engines have long developed ways to combat this type of promotion. If an invisible text is recognized on a web resource, it is automatically sent to the ban list or black list, in other words, it ceases to be indexed by the search engine and simply does not appear in the results issues. Due to the reluctance of the owners to expose their Internet resources to the risk of being banned, the popularity of the "invisible text" technology has been gradually declining recently.

black seo 2The lack of necessary knowledge about the work of the search engine leads to the appearance of numerous and dubious proposals for the site promotion using black methods. For a small amount of money and in a short time, the site owner is offered with a 100% guarantee to bring his site to the first place in the results of queries from popular search engines. Without explaining how and by what means the result will be achieved. The obvious conclusion suggests itself: the authors of the proposals know the formulas of the algorithm for the operation of specific search engines. It is impossible. Such information for each of the search engines is carefully protected commercial information.

In general, such offers are a simple advertising trick, knowingly or unknowingly deceiving gullible site owners. Acceptance by the site owner of such offers to promote the site leads to great losses, because the site gets banned and completely disappears from the search.

Seo specialists of the Viktoriya Studio web studio use only white, approved methods of website promotion. These methods do not work quickly — to achieve a sustainable promotion result, you need to wait from 3 months to a year. But the wait is worth it. Order quality search engine optimization right now!

Order website promotion in our web-studio at a reasonable price - to start, send an online request.

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