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Why your SEO isn't working

Previously, SEO has been buried many times - they say that it is dying, it does not work, it will no longer exist. But everything turned out to be completely different - SEO not only did not disappear, it lives and continues to develop.

Now let's see why your SEO isn't working.

1. Bad requests

SEO may not work because you have too few targeted queries for which you want to see your site in the top 10 results. On average, one page of the site should have 3 to 5 requests. Thus, if the site has, conditionally, 100 meaningful pages (with services, goods, product description, etc.), then its semantic core should include 300-500 search queries. If your site is a multi-page store with 10,000 products, then the semantic core should also consist of 10-20,000 search queries.

This does not mean at all that you need to monitor your positions on all these requests every day, but the semantic core should be meaningful, all requests should have meaning and be directly related to the site.

2. Narrow semantics

There should be no non-target phrases in the semantic core of the site. For example, a hardware store promotes the search term [paint]. This is a non-targeted request for a hardware store. To make sure of this, it is enough to type this query in any search engine and understand that there are no competitors of yours in the output.

This is true for 98% of topics. If there are competitors in the output for the request, the request is targeted, and if not, it is not targeted.

3. Promotion without analysis of competitors

Without an analysis of competing sites, their financial model, it is difficult to understand your advantages over them, moreover, it is impossible to correctly build pricing. Of course, because everyone has unique goods and services, let the client call, and later, after a personal consultation, you can inform the price... This is a well-known story, but in 2022 it does not work.

Today, a business must package its product or service directly on the website in such a way that it is as clear as possible to the user - what he gets and for what price. You need to try to come up with some typical ways of buying your goods and services, package them, and believe me, this will very quickly affect not only promotion, but also conversion.

4. No optimization on the site

It's often the case that SEO experts say, "Hey guys, you need to do this and that on your site," and the client doesn't do anything. There are a lot of audits and analytics, but little business and results. This is one of the most important reasons why client projects do not grow even with good specialists.

5. Indifference of the customer

Well, you do something there... The customer gives the promotion of his site to someone else, says: "Well, you do as you know" and waits for orders and calls. And when we ask him: "And what is your UTP? What call to action should be on the site? How do you differ from your competitors?", he answers that he does not understand this digital at all and does not want to understand it at all, "do it yourself."

In 2022, it doesn't work like that. An SEO specialist must work in connection with business, with marketers and programmers, who will be able to develop the most relevant offer for the market, which should be the basis for the site and implement it directly on the site.

6. Budget, plan and areas of responsibility

This is a combination of insufficient budget, lack of a promotion plan as such, and lack of agreement regarding areas of responsibility at the stage of starting work.

It is very important to determine who will be responsible for which promotion work. Promotion of the site is a complex project that includes several hundred items to be implemented, many hypotheses to be tested and hundreds of tasks to be solved for further growth.

Without a plan, you don't know where you're going. There is no point A of visibility or search traffic to work from, and no realistic idea of ​​point B to get to. But there are inflated expectations for promotion. Because of this, it seems that there may be some result tomorrow. No, there should be a traffic plan, calculation of seasonality, etc.

Already at the beginning of work, we must clearly understand who is responsible for the preparation of the texts, who is responsible for their implementation, who corrects the title tags, who corrects the product cards, because their structure does not correspond to what the client would like to see. Key KPIs should be displayed so that it is clear which indicator to focus on (visibility, traffic, number of requests in the top 10, sales, etc.). This will not only facilitate the organization of promotion work, but also allow assessing the adequacy of the available budget.

The budget for SEO is less than $250, unfortunately, it is not enough for the normal growth of the site's positions.

Avoid these 6 reasons and your SEO will be great again! Order the effective website promotion in our web-studio at a reasonable price - to start, send an online request.

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