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redesign 10 ways

Here are some tips to ensure the highest success rates when designing and launching your new website.

1. Redefine your goals

It is best to set a redesign goal before starting to plan it all out. Is it going to be focused on rebranding? Are you optimizing or repairing? For instance, if your goal is to rebrand your site, the new redesigning elements should be able to reflect that change. Ideally, you should select typography, animations, and colors that realistically suit the new aesthetic look of your site.

2. Understand the user experience

It only makes sense, since you’re in it to increase user engagement on your website. For starters, understand the purpose for visiting your site and then plan the navigation and main menu in terms of a user’s journey. If a visitor can find your product or service information with a few clicks, there is a good chance that visitors will come back to your site.

3. Make a great first Impression

The best way of making the right first impression is through landing pages. Designing an outstanding landing page with a clear value proposition and a great call-to-action can be the key to a significant increase in conversion.

4. Make a website interactive

Users love it when they get to self-onboard. Your website must contain elements that interact with visitors.

5. Decrease the loading time

Almost half of your website visitors won’t buy from you if your website is slow. Today’s fast-paced audience wants a site that loads instantaneously, and honestly, who can blame them? So, to avoid the consequences is to incorporate new redesign elements that would optimize a much faster loading period on all sorts of browsers and mobile devices.

6. Minimalistic and uncluttered design

Minimalism never hurt anybody. It’s maximalism that disturbs users more in a digital environment. The last thing you want in your new website redesign is cluttered web pages with excessive textual information, images, or graphics. Select a few fonts and utilize them in various sizes to get the perfect effect. Small details such as shadows, color palettes, gradients, and highlights can go a long way to create a professional look.

7. Make the most out of analytics

Google Analytics and Facebook Insights are some of the most popular analytics tools, and it’s never too late to give them a try. We are in the era of Big Data. If you want to offer the best product or service to your potential customers, you should have a basic understanding of what your target audience wants. The main idea is to get the important details about page loading speed, page views, user behavior, conversion rate, and customer demographics.

8. Keep it mobile-friendly

Mobile web traffic accounts for 54.8% of global web traffic. That’s why the redesigning efforts of your website must complement mobile devices. Typically, you should take special care of your site’s load time, navigation, user interface, and other design elements that might improve mobile functionality.

9. Pay close attention to seo mechanics

When it comes to redesigning your website, one of your priorities should be search engine optimization. In fact, most of the website design elements can impact content, meta tags, and other developmental SEO mechanics. The trick is to combine your website redesigning efforts with search engine optimization tactics.

10. Don’t hesitate to restructure content

It’s the content on your site that attracts users and influences them to look through different pages. Contrary to the infamous misconception, content is more than just product descriptions and write-ups on your site. Your content should represent a combination of animation, professional photographs, images, and other elements that may appeal to your visitors.

A website redesign project might be a long process with a need for optimization and improvement, but it sure does pay off. Order a website redesign and template update in our web studio Viktoriya Studio at a reasonable price. We guarantee quality and responsible attitude to work. To get started and know about the project, send an online request.

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