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Як убезпечити себе від обману в Інтернеті

Deception of contractors by customers is one of the most serious and acute problems of working on the Internet. For example, a web studio spent three weeks working on the creation of a site, but as a result, they received nothing at all! Needless to say, a bleak prospect. Therefore, on the Internet, not only the customers of works, but also the performers try to protect themselves from deception.

Today, on the Internet, you can find many variants on how to protect yourself. For example, to switch to fully official relations with the conclusion of contracts, signing of acts on completed works, etc. However, this option does not suit not only many customers, but also the webmasters themselves (after all, not everyone pays taxes). And he defends the "official" not very well. After all, most often the web studio is located hundreds and thousands of kilometers from the customer and the judicial institution handling the case.

Someone works for full advance payment. However, this option is suitable only for web workshops that have already earned popularity and reputation (that is, again, very, very few). All others with this approach simply will not find any customers (hardly anyone will agree to advance 100% money to an unknown team). That's why you have to take risks: first do the work, and then wait and think whether it will be paid for or not. In general, there is no one hundred percent protection against fraud. Even "cool" studios can be deceived. So, what to do?

You'll ask, what about the customer? Can he not be deceived too? Yes, but the risk borne by the customer is several times lower than that borne by the web studio. After all, it is the project developer who is responsible for the site and his/her image. Everyone knows how important image is in business. Therefore, it is worth trusting the site developer, no adequate webmaster will ever harm himself.

However, it is possible to reduce your risk using "technical" methods

Web development and design studio Viktoriya Studio offers the customers the following method of relationship. In general, it is quite simple. We install the created site not on the customer's hosting, but on the test server of our studio, so that you can make sure that the work is done, but you cannot use the site until we receive payment in full. The site is transferred to the customer's domain only after full payment for the work. The customer does not need to worry about this, because it is profitable for us to have a fully ready working site on the customer's domain to advertise our studio both in the portfolio and on the link in the footer as a project developer. In addition, we highly value our image and count on good reviews and recommendations, so we perform our work honestly and qualitatively.

The described scheme of work does not guarantee full protection of the web studio and the customer from fraud. However, it allows to minimize this risk. If you need additional advice about our work, we will be happy to help you.

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