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What is a Small Website?

Small website - is a website, consisting of several pages, usually no more than 10. May contain any information, the main principle is that there should not be a lot of it and frequent updates are not expected. A small website is developing for different purposes, but the main purpose remains to inform. It can be informing visitors about the company, brand, event, events, offers, etc. The main principle of developing a small website is that it should be a technically simple project.

This kind of site can be called a business card site because of its compactness and similarity to a real business card. You can add the website address to any company document, as well as in the signature to official correspondence.

Small, medium-sized and private businesses are increasingly choosing small website to indicate their online presence.

Tell about your brand by ordering small website development for your company. If your assortment of products or services is not large - the Small Website package is just for you. The design of such type of the site can be any one, from a bright promotional site to a strict business-style resource. Such a website can be used by private clinics, travel agencies, construction companies, photo salons, etc. Regarding large enterprises, it is necessary to look at it from the point of view of necessity - if you do not need to store and constantly update large amounts of information - you can easy order a small website and not spend extra money on a more expensive project. The Small Website package is also suitable for private individuals. You can order the development of a personal blog or an individual portfolio for yourself. Viktoriya Studio will make your small website unique, unlike other resources on the Internet.

What to place on Small Website?

Here are some of the important elements of a small website that should be taken into account in order to optimize it

  • Company information. A brief description of the company's creation, its main stages of development and achievements.
  • A branding website must contain elements of the company's corporate style, its name and logo.
  • Avoid information overload: do not overdo it by offering unnecessary information, you will distract the visitor and waste valuable time of the visit.
  • The small website should have photos and/or videos that will attract the attention of visitors. Effective videos or images will help to better understand your presence in the market.
  • Offers of goods or services produced or sold by the company.
  • A gallery of completed works and names of clients - companies that have already taken advantage of your offer.
  • Contacts section with phone numbers, address, messengers and email. It is possible to place a contact form and an interactive travel mapу.
  • Links to pages in social networks.

The best variant to get to know the brand - is to developing a branding website

branding websiteIf you’re updating a significantly outdated website or starting a new website from scratch, a branding website might be the ideal place to start. Branding websites focus on your firm and what makes you stand apart from the competition. Viktoriya Studio web studio team develops a branding websites, helping to solve business problems of the customers.

You can think of a branding website as a personal profile of your company, with a combination of visuals, colors and impactful text that together create a complete picture of your brand's personality. If you want to tell the world about yourself, your products and services, or find your unique audience on the Internet - contact us, we will tell you everything in detail and answer all your questions. When creating branding websites we introduce advanced web development technologies, create an individual design taking into account all the wishes of the customer. Be sure we adapting the resource for smartphones and tablets. You'll get a branding website that fully meets all marketing standards.

Order Small Website development by a reasonable price - download and fill out the BRIEF or send an online request to get started.

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