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what is landing page

Landing Page is a site-page without an admin panel, the purpose of which is to quickly sell a certain service / product or a separate category of goods. Landing is created for a quick launch and quick results. The main task of a landing page is to generate leads, or, in other words, to attract customers to perform certain actions. To do this, information is placed on the page in such a way as to entice the client to take the necessary step - whether it is buying a product or filling out a form.

Landing Page contains detailed information about an offer, product or service. Because this page deals with certain topics, it is usually optimized for certain keywords, which will cause search engines to index it in a more specific way and show it in more specific search queries. So when a visitor arrives at a Landing, they do so by clicking on a link (ad, campaign or call to action) to expand on what interests them. This is often how companies utilize landing pages, as a completely separate entity from their own corporate website. This gives visitor the opportunity to really focus on the form to fill in, without distracting with navigation to other areas of your corporate website.

Small and medium-sized businesses are increasingly choosing online sales through landing pages. The cost of landing may vary.

The most budget option is creation Landing Page on the constructor, for example on Wix or Tilda. If you are just starting your business and have limited funds, this is where you can start. But since builders are usually used to create low-budget websites, this involves hosting them on free hosting and a third-level domain. Such domains are worse promoted in search engines. Also, the constructors do not provide an opportunity to make changes to the code of the website template and pages, and to extend the basic functions by means of plugins, as is the case when using a CMS. In addition, you will not be able to transfer your site from the constructor to another hosting or download it to your computer.

What to place on Landing Page?

Here are some of the important elements of a Landing Page that should be taken into account in order to optimize it:

  • Calls to Action: always end with a form or any method that allows you to convert a visitor into the contact.
  • Use a catchy headline that clearly states what your page is about. Use user-friendly language, avoiding technical details (unless your page has technical content).
  • Avoid information overload: do not overdo it by offering unnecessary information, you will distract the visitor and waste valuable time of the visit.
  • Offer information in a staggered manner. It's like you're telling a story, and it should engage your visitor. The main content should be present at the top of the page.
  • Minimize page loads: avoid too much content because if the landing page loads slowly, the visitor is more likely to leave without reaching your goal.
  • Landing Page should contain multimedia information that will attract the user's attention. A good video or picture will help you understand the texts better.
  • Briefly explain to the visitor what importance and value the offer will have for him. In this way, the user will be better involved in the information.
  • Reviews of people who have already taken advantage of your offer are important.
  • Use lists to make information clear. Describe in detail the most important aspects and what else the visitor might find useful. Talk about your preferences.
  • Do not abuse the fields in the contact form. This form should contain only basic fields (the more fields in the form, the lower the conversion rate). To create a long-term relationship with the visitor, do not overload the form, otherwise he will run away.
  • If you have certificates of quality, awards or any kind of recognition, use them.
  • Provide links to content on social networks.

The best variant for Landing Page development is on html5

landingWhy is it the best? Because the possibilities of html5 are practically inexhaustible. This website will be easy to load, will not freeze, and will not load scripts for a long time. Usually, the code of such website is very easy and understandable. The absence of an admin panel can be attributed to the disadvantages of the Landing Page on html5 - after all, to change any data on the page, you will need a specialist webmaster. But this problem is solved by developing a Landing Page on CMS.

If you need a modern Landing Page to sell your goods or services, contact us, we will tell you everything in detail and answer all your questions. We offer the development of a modern landing page that will meet all the criteria of Internet marketing. The main principles of our work are an individual approach to the client, a detailed study of his product or service. After conducting a marketing analysis of your business area and competitors' sites, we will develop a landing page that will take your business to a new level.

Order Landing Page development by a reasonable price - download and fill out the BRIEF or send an online request to get started.

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