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Online sales give your customers the freedom to buy anytime and anywhere, which makes this line of business quite promising. Having decided to create an online store on the Internet, you will have the opportunity to show your product or service to a wide range of people in all corners of the world.

Online Store is a form of e-commerce site that allows consumers to directly purchase goods or services from a seller over the Internet using a web browser or mobile application. Although shopping in Internet and in ordinary offline stores have their pros and cons, it all comes down to preference. But everything is changing quickly, the popularity of online shopping is growing every year, and most people are starting to prefer online stores.

A common mistake when ordering the creation of an e-commerce store

An entrepreneur who orders an online shopping project often does not have a marketing strategy and does not understand what it is. He believes that a product catalog and a button to buy with a basket are enough in an online store. As a result, there is only a transaction of goods in exchange for money on the site. Its online store is limited to sales and does not provide enough useful information that the user is looking for. Over time, such a store becomes unprofitable and closes. The stubbornness of customers in this matter sometimes amazes. Some even describe the goods in two lines and hope for profit from sales.

What is needed to create an online store?

online-shopHow do you determine what features your e-commerce website needs? Determining the necessary features and functions of an online shopping website will depend on your business model and unique features. Based on your goals and metrics, create a list of features that your online-store needs. They should be closely related to the life cycle of the average static customer.

  • Come up with a simple, sonorous and memorable name for your store, as well as the domain on which it will be realized.
  • Define the structure of the product catalog (a list of product groups) as a multi-level list.
  • Determine related information: payment and delivery terms, warranty terms, etc.
  • Decide what functionality you want to see in the online store.

Viktoriya Studio will create an online store for you of various levels of complexity according to the latest marketing trends. To properly bring your business to the Internet, we will develop an effective and reliable online tool for working with clients. Before we get down to developing your shopping site, our analysts will thoroughly study business sphere, your competitor’s activity, define target audience and come up with a list of “advantages and drawbacks” found on the sites of your competitors and once this information is gathered they will make our best offer with the most efficient functional and marketing “tricks” that can be used on your site. Based on this information Project Manager will make commercial offer and issue technical specifications.

Offering unique design solutions to each customer — is one of the key areas of our activity. Web-studio Viktoriya Studio in Kiyv offers original concepts for your online store user’s interface. Design process is based on the latest technologies of interface development and pages control. This approach helps to successfully combine practical and esthetical aspects of the e-commerce project.

Online stores we develop are easily displayed on mobile devices and large-screen desktops due to professional responsive layout of web pages. User-friendly interface of the e-commerce store helps the user to make the most of all features and functions of the web-resource. Rapid download of page in any browser will help you to engage every potential client and save his/her time by means of quick search and site navigation.

Order E-Commerce Website development at a reasonable price - download and fill out the BRIEF or send an online request to get started.

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