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What is needed to develop an online store?

To order the development of an online store, you need to prepare the following information:

  • Come up with a simple, sonorous, memorable name for your store, as well as a name for the domain on which it will be implemented;
  • Define the structure of the product catalog (a list of product groups) in the form of a multi-level list;
  • Determine accompanying information: payment and delivery terms, warranty terms, etc.;
  • Decide which modules and functionality you need in the online store in addition to the basic configuration.

How much does the development of an online store cost?

Development of an online store can cost from $800, depending on the functionality of the store and your needs. See the basic configuration of the online store. The final cost of the work on creating an online store is determined after reviewing the development task. To do this, download and fill out the BRIEF or send an online request to get started.


Stages of development of an online store


1. Preparation of documentation.
  You fill out a brief for the development of an online store. We draw up and agree with you the contract and specifications, calculate the cost of the works.
2. Advance payment.
  You make an advance payment of 30-50% of the total cost of works.
3. Site layout development.
  Then we create an online store layout. You approve the design of the layout or, if necessary, make adjustments to it.
4. Layout implementation.
  Next, we install and configure the online store management system. We create the website pages according to the approved layout. We connect all the necessary functionality and modules.
5. Filling the site.
  After that, we carry out the initial filling of the product catalog and information pages. The price of the work includes filling up to 10 pages of information and up to 30 units of the product.
6. Testing and bug fixes.
  You check the finished online store on the test server for compliance with the technical task. Three days are allotted for the inspection. During this time, you must provide a list of revisions, if any are needed. All changes are possible only within the Terms of Reference.
7. Site transfer.
  After correcting the deficiencies, we sign the acts of handing over and accepting the works. Upon receive the full payment for the work, the site is transferred to the customer's domain.


You will only have to finish filling out the product catalog yourself. If necessary, is possible turnkey filling the product catalog on the basis of a separate agreement.

Tips for maintaining the success of an online store

If you're just starting out, it's a good idea to sell a product that's in demand in your area and doesn't yet have high competition online within your area. If you already have a trade business (wholesale and retail warehouse, store, chain of stores or retail outlets), then creating an online store may not be a bad idea, moreover the most effective way to increase sales. It is highly desirable to post a detailed description of the product, high-quality, attractive photos and videos. The product catalog of your online shop is the same showcase as in an offline store.

One of the main features of a good online store is reasonable prices. The prices should not be higher than in offline store and also lower than the prices of competitors. This does not apply to you if you sell exclusive goods: designer products and works of art. In this case, the pricing policy is not limited. The level of service of delivery of your goods and warranty service (in the case of equipment) is also very important. Your shop will be truly successful if customers like your level of service and product quality.

Order E-Commerce Website development at a reasonable price - download and fill out the BRIEF or send an online request to get started.

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