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Online store expanding

Each year, technologies for online sales are changing, becoming more perfect and convenient for the buyer. And buyers choose exactly that online store where everything is clear, convenient, and simple. Where you can make a purchase without unnecessary calls and communication with the manager, especially when there is no free time. Let's be honest, only a small percentage of online stores meet these requirements.

Everyone has their own vision of online sales functionality. Of course, the seller knows his product and his audience better than anyone, knows what and how to offer the client. Sometimes he believes that the basic configuration of an online store is enough. But he will be right only if he sells a unique product. If the product is from the mass market, which is also sold by competitors, the basic configuration of the online store will not be enough, it is necessary to expand the functionality.

What should be in a modern online store to attract a buyer? The basic functionality that is included in the the price of developing an online shop is: product catalog, client's personal account, shopping cart, contacts, product return rules, payment and delivery methods, messengers and social networks. But are you sure that this is enough? If in doubt, we recommend listening to the advice of webmasters. We offer additional modules for the online store, which will help the user to better navigate, learn more about your product, hear what other buyers think about it, and generally feel like a welcome guest on the site. Additional functionality will help the buyer feel more comfortable, creating more convenience for shopping. The client will have a pleasant feeling and desire to return to your site again.


Modules and functionality for expanding the online store


1. Callback. Always relevant functionality for a separate category of people who for some reason cannot or do not want to call themselves.

2. Reviews. An effective marketing lever. Good reviews on the site encourage you not to look for other sellers. 99% that the buyer will be yours, especially if your competitors have no reviews on the site.

3. Questions and comments about products. This is a "feedback" module for each product. If you want people to buying your goods, such functionality is pretty necessary. Useful comments will attract new buyers, help them orient themselves with the characteristics of the product. Negative reviews will help you identify and eliminate product defects. This functionality is relevant for large stores with a large flow of customers. Otherwise, it will not be in demand.

4. Subscription to the newsletter. A marketing ploy to invite a customer to return to your store and buy a product. But if you don't plan to create newsletters, you won't need it.

5. Recently viewed products. Remind the buyer which products he viewed a few days ago. Maybe today he will want to buy them.

6. Promotions, discounts, good offers, top sellers, hits, popular, etc. Different marketing strategies with similar functionality. Buyers are informed about what is currently in demand or what they can purchase with benefit for themselves.

7. Online consultant (chatbot). If the buyer has a question, an online consultant is the best solution for their immediate solution. Hold the customer, communicate with him, solve his questions before he goes looking for answers to competitors.

8. Purchase in installments / credit. Requires additional efforts not only for the webmaster, but also for the business owner to conclude contracts with banks. Perhaps it will not be profitable for you, because you will have to pay a commission to the bank. But a large number of purchases currently take place precisely because of installment payments. Therefore, thanks to the credit policy, the number of customers will increase significantly, and the profit from sales will cover the losses from the commission.

9. Articles, reviews, video reviews. The module is designed to keep the buyer on the site, expanding his knowledge about certain goods or services. Video product reviews will be especially effective.

10. Survey. An additional opportunity to find out what suits or does not suit the buyer.

11. Product rating. The stars that the buyer sees next to the product will instantly inform whether other buyers liked the product. But if your products are not a very high quality, such a rating can lead to losses.

12. Online payment of the order. The most expensive functionality of the online store. Payment by Visa and MasterCard cards through various payment systems is integrated into the site. Suitable for a large online store with a lot number of products, for small ones it can be a loss-making investment. Payment systems have certain conditions that must be met in order to be placed on your site. This creates additional complications and expenses for business owners, but the result is worth the effort. Because online payment is a modern and convenient service without which it is difficult to imagine shopping on the website.

13. CRM connection. Automation of business processes to raise the level of customer service and productivity of the company as a whole. It helps to save the time of employees, to improve and to simplify communication with customers as much as possible. But the main purpose is to create a single client base.

How much does it cost to expand an online store

The cost of the modules varies and depends on the complexity of the work. Our prices are quite reasonable, you can fit into the allocated budget and order creation of an extended online store.

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