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Two similar terms that we encounter in the practice of web development!

Spectacular - means "one that makes a strong impression" or "designed for external effect". For example: spectacular performance, spectacular trick, spectacular pose.

Effective - means "effective, giving the greatest effect and benefit". For example: an effective remedy, an effective technology, effective treatment methods.

As for websites, the following universal rules can bring the effectiveness of the resource.

1) Website design - it is extremely important to choose the right template design that is optimal for the goals of your business and its target audience. To accurately influence the target audience, it is better to use a unique corporate design developed by our studio Viktoriya Studio. It is extremely difficult for a specialist to successfully communicate with a decision-making client without prior preparation and analysis. Therefore, in order to effectively implement the goals of the future site, the customer must provide the webmaster with carefully selected and individually developed content for each specific case. Its level and quality should correspond to the image of the company/owner, how it positions its site, whether it wants to bring the site to the top positions in search engines in its topic. If you do not have content for the site, you can order the creation of content in the form of copywriting or rewriting of articles, coverage of professional events, writing of comments, essays and interviews.

2) Placement of menus, headings, blocks. According to studies, the first few minutes after entering the site, the user is in a distracted state. In this state, he is most prone to impulsive, non-targeted browsing (purchases), and he can be influenced by almost any means. As the user moves further into the site, he becomes more selective and less and less influenced. The so-called instinctive protection of the psyche is triggered. Thus, at the beginning, you can have a stronger influence on a potential buyer.

3) Display of articles/goods strictly according to subject matter/assortment, without mixing with each other, with maximum use of limited space in side blocks. Such a principle creates an impression of integrity and order, focuses the attention of the user who came to your site, and has a strong impact on a potential buyer.

4) Extra layout is an additional opportunity to place your products, apart from and outside of permanent sections and categories. Layout on extra blocks, banners attracts attention and creates an opportunity for spontaneous, unplanned purchases.

Modern webmastering is impossible without knowledge of the visitor's psychology, his behavior on the site, and, of course, the factors that influence his decision. Therefore, the analysis of the site's web designtarget audience and the development of templates that focus the attention of buyers on certain goods/services, thus contributing to spontaneous or impulse purchases, are becoming more and more in demand. Any purchase can be planned in advance, or it can be carried out impulsively, under the influence of certain factors. This is exactly how, according to statistics, 2/3 of all purchases take place.

Are you asking if it is possible to design a site so that it is spectacular and effective at the same time? Perhaps. But not for all types of business. Spectacular design is possible on children's sites, in wedding and show business, in creative workshops of artists, photographers, designers, etc. That is, where emotions are needed)). For the rest of the business projects, the design should be restrained and business-like, not to distract the client/buyer from the necessary actions on the site.

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