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There are very few sites on the Internet that do not have pictures and graphics. Why do you think? Because the image is what catches the user's eye in the first place. The picture can convey the summary of the entire article, talk about the promotion, interest in buying. An image can create a mood. A picture on the website is emotions and desires, it encourages the user to take action - to read, order, buy or simply register and subscribe to the news. A picture is also a symbol. There are thousands of cliparts symbolizing various objects, feelings, actions.

The simplest ones, which we are used to and which we have not noticed for a long time, are on every site. They are our faithful companions and assistants in Internet surfing. This is the well-known search magnifier, social network buttons and icons of phones, Skype, settings wheel, pluses, globes, little men. More complex graphic elements are lines, arrows, buttons. They are followed by promotions, layouts, backgrounds, website headers and company logos. And, finally, the innovation of recent years is infographics. All this to one degree or another is necessary for every site. And you can order all this in our web studio Viktoriya Studio.

Price of your website graphics from $2

Buttons, arrows, decorative lines, simple clipart From $2
Layouts, simple banners and backgrounds From $10
Hand-drawn backgrounds, site headers and banners From $100
Infographics From $15
Logos From $30
Complex layouts, complex banners, illustrations From $50


How to decide which graphics your site needs.

For a website to successfully perform its tasks, graphic elements must be modern, interesting, contain corporate colors and design elements. Also, they should correspond to the style and purpose of the site. Therefore, first of all, define your audience. Then form the idea with the necessary details and a solid overall concept. Next, decide which graphical elements will be static and which will be interactive. You may want to connect more interactive elements so that users can more actively manipulate the pages of the site. If you don't understand, let's say about it more simply: it is important to decide whether the graphic elements will move, how they will move, according to which user actions (mouse, scroll, click, etc.), and also whether they need to be animated.

When ordering a logo, you should decide which format best suits your purpose. It can be a simple font logo, or complex 3D graphics, flat design, minimalism, pop art, abstraction or vintage ornamental graphics - there are many styles and it is desirable that you decide for yourself what style the logo will be on your site. And we will make your logo memorable at first glance. If the logo will have complex elements and needs to be redrawn, the cost of the logo will be calculated according to the technical task.

Let's make a special note about banners. Use the rule: Less=More. We often see how designers try to squeeze every detail into the small space of the banner. Treat the banner as a call-to-action to direct the user to the info/sales page, not to display all the details.

The cost of creating graphics for the site is affected by the number of designed layouts. We offer two versions to choose from. If you want to order more versions, the price of a banner, logo or other graphics will be higher.

Order creation of banners, logos, graphics for the site at a reasonable price - download and fill out the BRIEF or send an online request to get started.