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The design of the site is not just a color scheme, it is the soul of the site. Therefore, we will not make you a site "like the neighbor's". Of course, you can take some design elements from the Internet and implement them on your site. But copying the site completely is, firstly, illegal, secondly, unethical, and thirdly, not serious for a businessman self-respecting. Your website is the face of your business, your online business card. If you already see your site in your mind, then before you order it, please consider all design versions and think about the compatibility of colors, details and other elements.

The design can be with graphic static or animated elements, original drawn details. In order for the web designer to be able to implement your wishes on the site, you need to fill in the site development brief. But if it's difficult for you, don't worry, you can express your wishes and describe the task in any other arbitrary written form.

Spectacular or Effective?

When choosing a site design, don't forget that the design should not distract the visitor from the content, because it is for this content that you create a site. Think about what should, first of all, remain in the memory of visitors: site design or sales offers? Also think about whether your type of business can afford "crazy beauty" on the site and how buyers will perceive it. But you are really want to... Indeed, such sites never tire of surprising with their creativity and creative ideas. A good designer can do literally anything for you: floating menus, slowly expanding windows, sliding headers, and even a flying shopping cart with wings. Sometimes such sites look like scenes from a fairy tale. We even saw a basket, made in the form of a tree branch, on which the goods placed hanging on ropes, and birds singing on the tree in the literal sense - the site had a sound connected. It is noticeable that the designer tried to fully realize himself. Now let's see how his creative expression will affect your business. What will give you a spectacular site? Profit? - No! Respect of competitors - No! Convenience for customers? - No! After all, you want to earn money by attracting new customers with the help of the site? So, you need to make a site for CLIENTS. By the way, that site with birds and trees belonged to a well-known pharmacy company in Ukraine, and it did not last long.

We do not recommend loading the site with bulky full-screen banners, no matter how attractive it looks. Most dynamic site elements such as animations, presentations, buttons, menus and gallery sliders can now be made in html5, css and javascript without inserting heavyweight images. Remember that you are making a site for visitors, and they don't like to wait for long pages to load.

Still dreaming of a oversophisticated website?

See how the websites of the most famous brands on the planet look like. It will help you change the way you think about web design. What would you say about their designs if you didn't know that the market value of each brand is tens and hundreds of billions of dollars?















8   50,400,000,000$














16   29,500,000,000$





























As you can see, the design of many top resources is almost identical to other sites. Multi-billion dollar companies don't strive for the unimaginable - their sites are simple and effective enough to satisfy buyers and dealers around the world. Therefore, order not a spectacular, but an effective site. Order website development right now at Viktoriya Studio - download and fill out the BRIEF or send an online request to get started.

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